Dog/Cat Grooming Hammock Restraint Bags for Bathing Washing Grooming and Trimming Nails

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Buy the Dog/Cat Grooming Hammock Restraint Bags for that pet you love today. It's made of soft fabric and highly comfy for pets to rely on.

It's easy to wear. All you need is to wrap a hammock around your pets, position the pet's legs and head in the right holes, and then hang it with specific hooks.

You can conveniently hand it at any height to groom your pet. It makes grooming and trimming easier and safer.

It's ideal for small dogs, cats, and other pets.


More Details

What It's Made Of:

Material: cloth

Available Sizes:

S: 25cm long
M: 30cm long
L: 35cm long

Available Color:


What You Get:

Package includes: 1 Pet Trimming Hammock