6/8/10mm Self Centering Wood Dowel Pocket Hole Punch Locator Vertical Jig Drill Guide Puncher Woodworking Tools Guide Kit

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This is a drill set guide tools for clamping and centering during drilling and carpentry.


  • This drill comes with a drill guide jig for vertical hole drilling.
  • It's made of aluminum alloy material, strong strength, for long-lasting durability.
  • It has an anodized surface; corrosion-resistant.
  • Its centerlines ensure accurate alignment when drilling on multiple surfaces.


Item Type: Center Punch Gauge.
Material: Aluminium Alloy.
Surface Treatment: Oxidized (with two bearings).
Straight hole positioning punch (with 6 /8/10mm drill guide).
Maximum support plate thickness: 46mm / 1.81in.
Suitable for: Center hole drilling, dowel drilling.

Product type: Woodworking Machinery.