The Talking Bird Beak Face Mask Review

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Once upon a time, wearing a face mask was a fashion statement, and a lot of creatives designed fun masks, which were mostly worn by celebrities or during Halloween.

But in the past few months, the reverse is the case. Anyone who's not living under a rock would know that wearing a face mask is now "the new normal" due to the pandemic. And because of that, any fun that could have been had with it is abandoned as everyone is focused on staying safe.

But as they say, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." The pandemic shouldn't stop you from having a little fun with face masks. And that's where "The Talking Bird Beak Face Mask" comes in.  This mask is shaped like a bird beak and mimics the movement of your jaw when you talk. This results in the mask opening and closing in response to the jaw movement, thereby creating a mirage of the talking bird beak face mask. To simply put this, when you move your mouth or talk, the bird's mouth (the mask) opens and closes.

Talking Bird Beak Face Mask

The Talking Bird Beak Face Mask kills two birds with one stone because you are obeying the mask-wearing regulation and having fun too.  It is handmade, so a lot of thought is put into making it.

With this mask, you don't need to guess who is speaking when you are outside; anyone can quickly identify who the speaker is. It is so comfortable that you will never feel any discomfort on your face while wearing it. You can use it to entertain children too. It is super fun and creative.

Talking Bird Beak Face Mask

Although at first glance, this mask looks like the "plague doctor mask." But It is shaped differently, more fun, plus it doesn't have any dark history behind it.

So if you are a creative person, this face mask is just suitable for you.  If you have to wear a face mask constantly, why don't you add some fun to it?

It is important to note that as amazing as this mask is that it doesn't produce a sound; it just mimics the movement caused by your jaw when you talk. It will also look different on different people because of different facial structures, and this is one thing that makes the talking bird beak face mask fun to use.

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